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(Solved)How to break the loop “Restart Surface to Modify security settings”

Handing on my new Surface Pro 4,I try to  install ubuntu on it. But I lost my “Security” menu in UEFI while I try to boot from a PE in my USB stick.Then I get stuck in the “Restart to … Continue reading

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解决:安装linux时出现:No hard drives have been found

解决:安装linux时出现:No hard drives have been found 问题描述 安装linux时出现: No hard drives have been found. You probably need to manually choose device drives for the installation to succeed. Would you like to select drives now? 原因分析 如果你是在本身机器上安装,需要把硬盘接口设置成IDE的;如果你是用虚拟机的话必须创建一个IDE硬盘。 解决方案 虚拟机 虚拟机默认创建的硬盘是SCSI的。 具体操作: … Continue reading

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