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Migrate Website to Digital Ocean from Sina App Engine(SAE)

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Employ WordPress on Sina App Engine(SAE)

1, Install JRE, Notepad++ 2, Install Eclipse a, install vrapper b, install subclipse 3, Syncronize project 4, Modify specific files   在SAE标准环境搭建wordpress博客 WordPress是目前最流行的个人博客平台,使用PHP语言开发,轻便简单,功能完善。在新浪云上,利用wordpress,可以很快搭建起属于自己的个人博客。 以下步骤全部在Ubuntu操作系统下进行,涉及到的工具有Git,Firefox/Chrome,tar,所有工具也存在于Mac OS和Windows的官方Ubuntu子系统的软件仓库中;同时Windows下也有相应的替代工具。 创建SAE应用 新浪云(主页的应用管理下,选择创建新应用: 开发语言选择PHP。 运行环境选择标准环境。 语言版本和代码管理,选择使用5.6版的PHP,用GIT管理代码。 进入新创建的应用页面,点击侧面的总览,可以看到应用的具体信息: 云应用可以不需要独立域名,直接使用刚才注册的二级域名访问,比如现在就可以在浏览器输入新注册的应用域名: 当然,现在的云应用还是空的。 部署代码 从官网下载wordpress的最新版,地址是: 。目前的版本是4.9.8。 解压wordpress到工作目录: $ tar xf wordpress-4.9.8.tar.gz … Continue reading

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GPU Support for Deep Learning on Windows Subsystem Linux(WSL) with Conda

0, Install WSL, xfce4, VcXsrv startxfce4 1, Install Miniconda(Tick all the option) 2, Set alias and add it to the end of .bashrc alias python=”python.exe” alias conda=”conda.exe” alias ipython=”ipython.exe” alias nosetests=”nosetests.exe” alias pip=”pip.exe” 3, Install tensorflow-gpu 4, Install CUDA support … Continue reading

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GUI , Desktop or Window Manager on Windows Subsystem Linux(WSL)

sudo apt install xfce4 cd ~ nano .bashrc export DISPLAY=:0.0 xfce4-session if pgrep -x “gedit” > /dev/null then echo “Running” else xfce4-session fi if ! pgrep -x “gedit” > /dev/null then xfce4-session fi

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Ubuntu Setup on Surface Book 2

0, Install Xubuntu 1,Settings->Apperance->Fonts->DPI->256 Panel Window Manager Desktop 2, Bootloader(/boot/default/grub) 3, /etc/apt/source.list-> update && upgrade 4, Kernel 5, 3rd party 6, Signing 7, boot-repair 8, Language Support and Input Method 9, Additional drivers 10, Horizontal scrolling and reverse scrolling direction add … Continue reading

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WordPress Setup

0, Replace all the WP logo in the file 1, Eliminate the up-left corner W logo Add this code at the end of function.php //移除Wordpress后台顶部左上角的W图标 function annointed_admin_bar_remove() { global $wp_admin_bar; /* Remove their stuff */ $wp_admin_bar->remove_menu(‘wp-logo’); } add_action(‘wp_before_admin_bar_render’, ‘annointed_admin_bar_remove’, 0); 2, … Continue reading

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PDF how to force it a particular view in default?

Recently, I read a paper with a default 2-page-in-one-sheet view like a book. Thus, I was wondering how it get achieved. Open your pad file with Adobe Acrobat or any other editable software. Then, click File->Properties->Initial View->Page Layout->{Any View You … Continue reading

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结构化学 第一周

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Abstract Algebra 1st week

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How to solve it Reading Report

This book introduced a way to analyse problems and conduct a solution.

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